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The Corn Exchange High Street

Demolition in progress for the Old Green Crossing. (Photo from a pivate collection.)

High Street

The properties where the photographer was standing have already been demolished to make way for the Old Green Crossing. The buildings opposite too will soon be gone, among them Wallace Jones and Fussells Sports. The Corn Exchange can just be seen on ...

Town Hall Newport 1937

(Text and Image from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937) HISTORY of NEWPORT TOWN HALL By Johnson Blackett, A.R.I.B.A., Deputy Borough Architect. NEWPORT'S Municipal history is closely interwoven with the growth of its multifarious activities. From tim...

Newport Baths (Stow Hill Baths) 1937

(Text and Image from Newport Encyclopaedia 1937) NEWPORT BATHS by JAMES FORSYTH THE Newport Corporation Baths opened in 1890 were built on the site of an old waterworks. They consisted, at that date, of two Swimming ponds, Slipper Baths and a ...

Buildings in High Street

The road to the right of picture runing down the side of the Evening Post building was Exchange Road. It continued around the back of the buildings to meet Thomas Street. (Photo from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

Old Post Office And Corn Exchange, High Street, 1892

Corn Exchange with Clock Tower, also the Post Office in High Street opened August 1844. Many changes have taken place since 1892, the year this photograph was taken. (Photo and text from "Who's Who In Newport" 1920.)

London and Provincial Bank Limited, 14 Commercial Street.

On the Junction of Corn Street and Commercial Street. (Photo from Johns's Newport Directory 1911.)

High Street

(Photo from Johns's Newport Directory 1911.)

Machinery Department, R. H. Johns Ltd.

View of corner of machinery department, R. H. Johns Ltd up-to-date printing works, Newport. The whole of the printing machines &c. in this establishment are driven by electric motors. (Photo and text from Johns's Newport Directory 1911.)

Corn Exchange, Post Office And Station Approach, High Street

Corn Exchange. Situate near the top of High Street, between the railway station and the bridge, and noticeable by its Clock Tower, was erected by public subscription in 1878 in memory of the first Lord Tredegar. Following the re-building of the Po...