Monmouthshire Tithe Maps


Bettws Newydd 1.64 MB

Caerleon 0.62 MB ( Llangattock Juxta Caerleon)

Christchurch 7 maps 2MB to 3MB each (2 of the 9 maps are too large to scan)

Llangeview 1.42 MB

Mitchel Troy (west)   1.81 MB (map 1)   Mitchel Troy (east)   2.18 MB (map 2)

Monkswood 2.06 MB (this looks like the tithe map or an original survey for the tithe)

Newport 3.72 MB (St Woollos)

Gwernesney 2.06 MB


If you have any large scale maps of the county we could display here please contact us.